chairman’s Message

Sri Lakshmi College of Management and Science



Sri Lakshmi College of Management and Science Started a glorious beginning in 2015 adopting the CBSC syllabus managed by Dhanvantari trust adorning as a jewel in the crown of Sri Lakshmi Group of institution.

The Governing Body

The Urge of our founders to tap education from the grass root level has paved way for the school which endeavours to bring about quality education in all the tiny tots nurture them with great care academics to mould the youth of today into responsibility future citizens of Indian and the worked at large , to realize the dreams come true of Global Education to create the “Vishwa kutumbakam”

Rooted with a mission of imparting education to all sections of the society, Sri Lakshmi College of Management and Science
started under the Danavanthri Educational Trust. The college has expanded in all directions attracting the students right
from Nepal to Kanyakumari and from Mizoram to Gujarat. This is because the college encompasses knowledge, skills and
values where teaching is done through experimental learning, discipline is interlaced by friendly mentoring. The college also
aims at providing exemplary education and professionals to the dynamic and complex global society. Our curriculum,
teaching and services demonstrate that, we value the diverse profiles of our learners.

The college also penetrates through Research, Projects, Guest Lectures, Seminars and Workshops which fortifies the
students emerge as functional successes, ready to take on career challenges in all the fields.

Smt. Clara Robert
Vice Principal